At Johns Lyng Group employees are our most valued asset.

We strive to be honest and open in all our communications, demonstrating both empathy and integrity.
We support professional development for all employees and are committed to creating a work environment of trust and respect.
Benefits of working within Johns Lyng Group
We believe in providing our staff with a work environment that is happy & harmonious. One that helps them become their best professionally so that they can achieve their professional goals.
We are committed to create an atmosphere of teamwork, collaboration, open communication, mutual support, respect and investment in each others' success. We realise the value of bringing diverse backgrounds, cultures, perspectives and expertise to the achievements of corporate objectives.- Teamwork
Johns Lyng Group is committed to open and honest communications among all employees, creating an environment in which ideas are fostered and can be shared. We, at all levels in our organisation, have the responsibility to communicate corporate goals and listen carefully.- Communication
We believe in looking after our staff because they are the biggest assets of our business. We believe in a fair days work for a fair days pay and for some roles will provide generous bonuses to reward exceptional performance.- Fair rates of pay plus bonuses
We believe that happy staff are productive staff, and happiness starts in the home. Therefore as an organisation we do our best to accommodate the responsibilities that you have outside of the office. This includes having flexible work hours & generous allowances for personal time.- Family friendly and flexible workplace
We are very selective about the people that we hire, because we are fiercely protective of the team culture that we have developed. So if you make the grade, you can be assured that you will be working in a happy positive environment. With so many capabilities within the group, you can be sure to develop a wide network of highly skilled and talented likeminded professionals.- A great team of people to work with
Through the team structures we strive to provide opportunities for Johns Lyng Group employees to reach their full potential and impact the direction of the organisation. Many Directors of JLG companies started in entry level roles and are now running multi-million dollar businesses! We're always on the look out for the next opportunity to promote our shining stars!- Career path and professional development

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